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Dear Uncle Joe – 9/15/12
Dear Uncle *&^#$ (expletive deleted):

I hope all you animal worshipping tree huggers are happy now that the wolfes you worship are killing cattle and making them suffer. Have you seen what a wolfe will do to a calf? Obviously not, because you live in a city surrounded by buildings and concrete and would not know a olfe from a chicken. Duh. Ranchers have to guard their cattle and kill wolves on sight because people like you needed to fight to reintroduce them to areas where they were not wanted. Everything you eat is now more expensive and our taxes are going up because the government has to spend money killing the wolfes. I am glad there is a hunting season on them and I will personally take a wolfe for each of your ignorant followers.

Martin L.
Kalispell, MT

Dear Martin:

I’m not going to insult your inability to spell the words “wolf” and “wolves” and I am not going to point out how stupid it is to threaten to break the law by killing thousands of wolves (ok, maybe I will). Obviously, you do not understand that wolves (spelled correctly) are not a problem in Montana or anywhere else. Yes, wolves kill cattle (duh). But consider this – cattle ranchers are the ones putting the lives of cattle at risk by grazing them in wolf habitat and leaving them unprotected. Additionally, the calves are in greater danger being around cattle ranchers than they are around wolves. But you don’t really care about the calves, do you? All you want to do is find excuses so you can go wolf hunting with a clear conscience (as if you have any conscience at all). Your feigned concern for the calves is transparent.
Wildlife reintroductions are indeed controversial and you will find both hunters and wildlife advocates on each side of the issue. What wildlife advocates can agree upon, though, is that the recreational killing of wolves practiced by you and your knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing buddies is unethical on every level.

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

Your comments on your Facebook page show your complete lack of ANY knowledge on the subject of wildlife and hunting. You imply that deer breeders in Missouri are adding to the wild population. THEY ARE NOT! Stop looking at everything through the fogged lenses of emotion and join the rest of us in the REAL world, where animals kill other animals and death is a part of the life cycle.

Park Hills, MO

Dear Gavin:

Thanks for being a fan of our facebook page, even though it seems that you do not take the time to read and understand the material presented there. For those who have not seen the thread, I posted an article that mentioned the Missouri Conservation Commission has licensed 277 wildlife breeders to breed white-tailed deer. If deer overpopulation is the terrible problem that hunters believe it to be, why would the Conservation Commission license people to breed them?

Sadly, deer are bred for canned hunting ranches (there are at least 27 of them in Missouri) so people like you can kill them without putting in too much effort. Deer are also bred for the meat trade since it is illegal to market and sell the carcasses of hunted animals. And if you think some deer breeders are not breeding huge bucks with huge antlers and releasing them as a “tease” for hunters, you’re fooling only yourself.

Animals kill other animals, blah, blah, blah. Death is part of the life cycle, blah, blah, blah. It’s incredible how many times you hunters repeat the same things over and over again. I’m not impressed by your lack of original thought.

Uncle Joe

Dear Uncle Joe:

The Department of Natural Resources is encouraging the use of coyotes as live bait in hunting dog penning exercises. I don’t know why they can do this because it is really no different than dog fighting, which is illegal in the state.

Sandra B,
Bloomington, IN

Hi Sandra:

State hunting agencies exploit loopholes in the law in order to allow hunters to pursue their sadistic hobbies. In this case, the DNR permits coyote and fox penning because they see it as a training technique that enables dogs to pursue “game” without actually “hunting” the animals.

For those who are unaware, penning is a practice where wildlife such as coyotes and foxes are trapped in the wild (often with leghold traps) and dumped into a fenced enclosure where hunters release their dogs to chase and terrorize them. Proponents of penning point to the existence of “safe areas” like holes in the ground or in rock piles that are large enough for coyotes to fit into but too small for hunting dogs, but the truth is that sometimes the dogs get to the coyotes before they are able to find the safe areas. Indiana allows 7 hunting dogs for every penned coyote or fox and the coyotes have no chance against them. If the dogs catch up to the coyote before the coyote finds safety, the dogs will viciously rip her to pieces while alive. Even if she survives the hunt, her terror is only compounded when she is chased and tormented by another pack of dogs soon after.

Penning is such a disgrace that even some hunting groups oppose the practice. The pro-hunting Indiana Wildlife Federation is “fundamentally opposed” to penning in part because it violates the rule of fair chase (regardless of what we think of their “rule of fair chase” I am glad they oppose penning). Additionally, thirty-nine states have banned the atrocity of penning.

There is a legal effort underway being run in part by the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and others to make penning illegal in Indiana. We hope their efforts are successful because as far as C.A.S.H. is concerned, penning is nothing but legalized dog fighting and its supporters are as sick as Michael Vick and his dog fighting cronies.

Uncle Joe



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