Activists Working to Stop Wildlife Killing in Their Communities

C.A.S.H. wishes to acknowledge and thank the many activists who have become locally involved in trying to stop deer and other wildlife killing in their communities.

Thank you to the noble activists below:

Carol Loomis of Lehigh Valley Animal Rights Coalition who worked feverishly to stop the hunt at Trexler Game Preserve in the Lehigh Valley, PA; Patty Keelen and Laura Brown of Save the Geese who worked night and day to stop the duck hunt of Vischer Ferry Wildlife Preserve in Clifton Park, NY; Jennifer Grill of Animal Advocates of Howard Countyworking on trying to stop deer culling in Howard County, MD parks; Countess Acynthia Germaine Couronne of Love and Compassion Multimedia Group, Pres./Founder who is working on stopping deer culling in South Mountain Reservation in Essex County, NJ, and, of course, the ubiquitous Anthony Marr of D.O.E. Deer Options Enterprise Canada who is the glue holding everyone together. Anthony formed a powerful organization, The Global Wildlife Alliance, to fight for wildlife and eventually free them from abuse and death.

Motorcade organized by Carol Loomis

Patty Keelen (far right)


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