A Proposed Sunday Hunting Bill in Howard County MD was DROPPED


HOORAY! A proposed Sunday Hunting Bill in Howard County, MD, was DROPPED.

At a public hearing on December 19, 2012, Delegate Gail Bates introduced a Sunday Hunting bill at the request of ‘one’ hunter from a neighboring county, to add insult to injury. In the State of Maryland only three counties continue to prohibit Sunday hunting. They are Prince George’s County, Baltimore County and Howard County.

In Howard County less than one percent of the residents purchased hunting licenses during the 2012 hunting season.

Individuals who opposed the bill outnumbered the hunters three to one at the hearing. The equestrian community joined the anti-hunting advocates against the bill. The public strongly expressed their opposition unanimously stating, “They have six days, all we want is one”.

As a result of the public’s outcry, the proposed Sunday Hunting bill for Howard County has been dropped for the 2013 legislative year. Unfortunately, Delegate Bates has stated that she may reintroduce the bill again next year.
Reported by a C.A.S.H. member who wishes to remain anonymous
Howard County, MD


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