By Rich Raushenbach

Even if you never have before, it’s not too late to join the battle for hunted wildlife. I’m sure many individuals like me are aware of many cases of animal abuse. Yet, I did nothing. I said nothing. Inside I raged.

One fine autumn day, that all changed. I observed two men dressed in camo, sneaking across my backyard in the middle of suburbia. I was unaware of what they were up to until they started dragging away a doe they had shot with an arrow. I was astounded that the city I live in would not only allow, but sanction bow hunting within city limits.

I attempted to file a complaint with the police. They refused to take it. I complained to the Mayor via letters. He responded by having the police chief call me to say they “appreciated my input.” What a hoot.

Since that day, I’d have to say, I’ve been transformed. Like most humans, I preferred to look away or ignore abuse of animals because from childhood I was fed propaganda that said it was ok, in fact noble, to kill animals for pleasure. Even as a child I knew that this was an activity practiced by the worst types to walk the planet.

Fortunately, to sort of balance that sobering realization, I have met some people through an animal rights group who really do respect life. I especially am grateful for the inspiration given to me by a woman who has been fighting for years to wake up other people to the travesty that goes on every day under the guise of “sport hunting.” This is an activity that claims the right to essentially rob all of us of the joy of experiencing the wildlife that is put here for all of us.

Many of us sleepwalk through our daily lives. Maybe it’s a coping skill. However, I would encourage anyone who has the slightest urge to actually do something about these issues, not to be afraid. The first step may be difficult and discouraging, but you will find a strength you may never have known you had. Best of all, you’ll be doing something for the world we all share.

Rich is now an animal protector in Ohio.


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