Thank you to Vernon Weir for letting us know about an article in the Nevada Dept. of Wildlife, Wildlife Almanac, Fall-Winter, 2004 issue, obviously trying to cash in on hunting and the special needs person.

It shows a father standing in back of his (get this) blind son who is holding a rifle and trying to aim! The father is saying he wants his son to “harvest an animal” with “one shot.” The son describes himself as being “pretty adventurous I guess, I like to try new things.” Yikes! Blind Youth hunting!!!! And it’s legal, folks!!!!

He says he has done bird hunting and been successful at it [that’s because the spray is wide, so if you’re pointing in the general direction, you can’t miss hitting something, part of the problem is what that something is], he realizes that shotguns put out a pattern of shot so it’s easier to hit a “target” and a rifle has only one projectile but he considers it more of a challenge. The point of all of this, according to the son is that … “you can have as much fun as anyone else, you can do what you want.”

Of course, there’s the problem of walking on uneven ground with plenty of obstacles while hunting he points out. That is very difficult. But he and his father work together at finding their way. His father said that after dark his son guides him.

This is truly a case of the blind leading the blind. It’s sad that the wildlife and houses within bullet range have to be subjected to this insanity!


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