Jim’s Book – Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport
Article posted by C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

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C.A.S.H. is extraordinarily fortunate that Jim Robertson has stepped in to fill Joe Miele’s important role at C.A.S.H. We will miss Joe as President, but we are delighted that he is fulfilling his life’s goal of cat rescue. Joe will keep his big toe in C.A.S.H. by continuing to write his inimitable column, Uncle Joe, based on real letters that he receives. C.A.S.H. looks forward to its new chapter with Jim Robertson at the helm to continue to erode the false notion that hunting is a just a normal “sport.” See Letter from the President.

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Exposing the Big Game blends spectacular photography, indisputable spectacular photography, indisputable facts and clear reason. Jim does not mince words in describing the senselessness and depravity of hunting and the psychopaths who kill for pleasure.
– Review by Peter Muller, President Emeritus of the League of Humane Voters, VP Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

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CLICK HERE for more from CASH COURIER NEWSLETTER, Winter/Spring 2018

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