October 2, 2017

From WBIW.com

Indiana Conservation Officers cited 47-year-old Jody L. Davies of Rockville and 32-year-old Sarah Ross of Danville each for hunting deer with the aid of bait.

A crossbow and additional evidence were seized at the scene. Both women are facing multiple additional counts of hunting deer with the aid of bait, as well as charges for an illegally taken deer.

The incident occurred as part of an extensive investigation during the past three years. Multiple baited stands had been identified and documented on hunting properties used by the women in both Parke and Putnam counties beginning in 2015. Indiana Conservation Officers have been using multiple tactics to keep track of the hunting activity in the baited areas, and documenting the offenses throughout the 2015, 2016, and 2017 hunting seasons.

Davies has been featured on social media and in articles with many prominent outdoor magazines in reference to the two trophy class whitetail bucks she killed in 2015 and 2016, both of which were harvested during the investigation. She also films for a hunting television show. At this time no charges are being filed directly involving the harvest of her two largest deer.

This investigation is still ongoing.

Indiana Conservation Officers remind hunters that all substances placed for animal consumption, along with any affected soil, must be completely removed from the hunting area at least ten days prior to the hunting.


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