February 28, 2013

From Daily-Journal.com

Weldon “Jesse” Bean pleaded guilty to illegally hunting without permission, illegally taking a white-tailed buck with a rifle, illegally hunting within 300 yards of a dwelling, illegal possession of a white-tailed deer, failure to immediately tag the deer upon kill, illegal transportation of an uncased bow on an ATV and invalid archery deer permit. Each charge carried a fine of $692 for a total of $4,774.

Bean has to pay another $5,226 for the value of the deer. The deer hide, meat and antlers along with Bean’s equipment was awarded to District 3 of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, based in Will County.

Bean’s co-defendant, Raymond Drazen, of St. Anne, pleaded guilty to illegally taking a white-tailed deer with a rifle and illegal possession of a white-tailed deer and received $500 worth of fines for both charges. His Remington 700 and .308 rifle and scope were taken by the IDNR.


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