October 30, 2018

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It is an incident of no little importance to a new report by France Bleu Armorique, while hunting accidents are the subject of significant media coverage and debate vehemently for the death of a mountain biker shot dead in the Haute-Savoie in mid-October.

A hunter was seriously injured in Ille-et-Vilaine during an encounter with a wild boar Sunday, 28. The man had pulled out his knife from the face of the animal but would have stabbed himself.

According to the elements reported by the local radio station, the victim, 32-year-old, was apparently in the process of tracking down this animal, but to walk in the forest with his wife and his dogs. It was then that the boar appeared. The latter proved to be aggressive.

The man would have then pulled out his knife to protect his dogs. But the beast charged and rammed by the milf. In shock, he was so wounded in the ankle with his own weapon, “seriously” , according to the fire department, but his days are not in danger.

This incident is quite rare. The wild boar has a picture of dangerous animal, and it is true that his imposing size, its speed and its formidable defenses can cause fatal injuries to the one who is responsible. But in the vast majority of cases, it looks quiet and prefers not to approach the human. On the other hand, if he feels cornered, as in a battue, it will not hesitate to load. It is therefore advisable in the event of a meeting not to panic and to ensure that the animal doesn’t feel threatened.

The population of wild boar is estimated at 4 million individuals in France and would be on the increase despite the few as 700,000 animals slaughtered in 2017. A number source of problematic health and economic, but the danger of “direct” in these animals is essentially linked to road accidents, rather than meeting by chance.


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