October 29, 2018

From KozPost.com

A new hunting accident happened this weekend. 27 Saturday afternoon, a hunter and a 63-year-old was wounded in the abdomen by another hunter during a battue for deer organized in the sector of Saint-Ambreuil in Saône-et-Loire.

According to the JSL, the victim was hit by a bullet, 12 gauge, carried by emergency to the hospital of Chalon and operated in the aftermath to retrieve the ball. The emergency services have reported that his days were not in danger.

The forces of law and order were quickly made on the spot and have made the first findings of use. An investigation has been opened and witnesses were also interviewed.

A ballistics analysis of the bullet allegedly infringing must be conducted very shortly. Because it is possible that the ball did ricochet before reaching the hunter.

But at this point, the hypothesis is the most credible, which is also the one preferred by the investigators, is that the hunter that shot has failed in a duty of care (leading cause of hunting accidents).

The precipitation in this kind of accidents, which prevents to clearly identify the target, is often in question. Here, it seems that this is the case, since it is at the moment when a deer passed between the two hunters, in the axis one from the other, that shot is gone.


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