October 12, 2018

From CBS12.com

Deputies say a man from Miami is accused of illegally killing a potentially record-setting 23-point buck in Martin County.

The sheriff’s office arrested 54-year-old Mario Palacio on felony charges of trespassing on a construction site and trespass by lethal projectile.

A deputy on patrol saw a pickup truck parked near a construction site. The deputy saw the driver using a spotlight to shed light on a deer. As the deputy approached, the driver took off. A second deputy spotted the pickup truck and the driver pulled over. Crews on board the sheriff’s helicopter spotted the carcass of the deer in a wooded area near the construction site. They said it appeared to be recently shot with a high-powered rifle. Authorities found hunting gear, a bow, arrows, and a single spent shell casing from a rifle, but no rifle. A K9 tracking team from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) responded. The team found a .30-06 rifle in the woods.

Palacio could face additional state charges due to the FWC investigation.

The deer meat was donated to a local facility. A scoring expert is assessing the deer to see whether it broke any records, the sheriff’s office said.


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