September 14, 2018


A Bratt man is facing over two dozen charges after he allegedly sold illegal deer meat to an undercover Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officer.

Hunter Anthony Chavers, 23, was arrested this week on eight felony counts of selling an illegally taken deer, four counts of possession of freshly killed deer out of season, eight counts of not possessing evidence of a deer’s gender and eight counts of failing to tag deer meat.

On January 29, Chavers met an undercover FWC officer in the parking lot of the Tom Thumb in Molino. He sold the officer meat from two deer for $120 cash, and the transaction was witnessed by a second FWC officer from a nearby location, according to a warrant affidavit.

On February 13, Chavers contacted the undercover FWC officer, met him at the Tom Thumb and again sold him the meat from two deer, court documents state.

Investigators said Chavers sold them the meat from another deer on February 23, and three additional deer on March 15. Deer season in Florida closed on February 25.

On March 22, FWC officers said they were conducting surveillance on Chaver’s vehicle when he walked to the bed of a pickup truck, opened a cooler and removed the head of a freshly killed buck. He placed the head on the ground and took several photographs with his phone, officers said.

The FWC said Chavers illegally possessed and delivered eight deer, three of which were out of hunting season, to an undercover FWC investigator.
Chavers did not have a hunting license or deer permit from the FWC. He remained in the Escambia County Jail Friday with bond set at $28,000.
Additional charges in the case are possible.

Much of the deer meat was donated to the Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida.


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