A Colorado hunter survived a mountain lion attack by doing everything right when fighting back against the animal, Parks and Wildlife officials said.

The hunter was scouting for elk around 9 p.m. at the Big Horn Park area northwest of Denver on August 10 when the mountain lion attacked him, Sky Hi News reported.

The hunter was backing away after spotting the animal when he tripped and the mountain lion attacked. The hunter managed to stab the animal in the face with a pocketknife and was able to get free. The mountain lion then ran off.

The morning after the attack, Colorado Parks and Wildlife authorities tracked the mountain lion (not pictured) using hounds.(iStock)

The hunter reportedly only suffered minor injuries.

Early the next morning, Colorado Parks and Wildlife authorities tracked the mountain lion down using hounds. The mountain lion, a young adult male, reacted aggressively to the officials and tried to fight with the hounds, Sky Hi News reported. Authorities were able to kill it.

A necropsy was performed, revealing the mountain lion only had grass in its stomach, meaning it was likely hungry at the time of the attack.

A representative for Colorado Parks and Wildlife was not immediately available to provide an update.


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