March 28, 2013

From ABCNews.go

Eight-year-old Nadine Hairston was minding her own business on a field trip with her fellow third-graders, enjoying a life-size sculpture of a whale, when she felt something sharp pierce her leg.

Doctors surgically removed the 2-foot-long crossbow arrow. The arrow punctured a fleshy part of her leg and missed major arteries.

Teachers and students came to Nadine’s aid after they saw the arrow protruding out of her leg. Nadine said the random arrow struck her when she was coming down the slide outside the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Authorities are speculating that a small-game hunter or a reckless sportsman in the area could be responsible.

This isn’t the first time a child has been struck by an errant arrow. In Wisconsin last year, 7-year-old Aryanna Schneeberg was struck in the back by a hunting arrow while she was pushing a doll stroller. The ordeal left Aryanna, who suffered lung and spleen injuries, and her family with few answers about how she unwittingly became a target.


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