C.A.S.H. Message to the NRA – Give It Up!
Article posted by C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

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By Anne Mller, C.A.S.H. Courier Editor

Thanks to Ann Selnick who is valiantly battling hunting and culls in Maryland, we were alerted to the President’s Column of the November, 2017 issue of the NRA’s American Rifleman.

Pete Brownell writes:

…We scream from the rafters, “Hunters are the real conservationists!” While our messages are true, they’re falling on deaf ears….There are many reasons for society’s indifference. Demographics have changed; access has changed; economic reasoning has changed; policies and laws have changed. But most impactful to all of this is the emotionally charged and well-orchestrated attack on our hunting culture and traditions by animal-rights organizations.

Brownell continues…This battle will be won or lost on emotion, played out in the court of public opinion. Right now, we’ve lost ground in this battle because we’re not even in the courtroom. While we passionately debate positions on hunting practices amongst ourselves, the anti-hunting community closes in on eliminating our lifestyle.

C.A.S.H.’s message to the NRA is that it’s too late! It’s like telling people to go back to this:

Or to this:

The horse is out of the barn; the emperor has no clothes and it has been called out.

Fortunately, the society is not as indifferent as the NRA would like. As more people catch on to the perverse behavior of killing animals for pleasure, the indifference turns to action and that produces laws and their enforcement. C.A.S.H. sees the end of hunting on the horizon. Best of all, so does the NRA!

CLICK HERE for more from CASH COURIER NEWSLETTER, Winter/Spring 2018

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