Bills and Laws: Support a Bill that Restricts Hunting with Dog
Article posted by C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

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Action Needed:

Contact the Governor’s Office
Phone: 803/734-2100
Fax: 803/734-5167
The Honorable Henry McMaster
State House 1100 Gervais Street
Columbia, South Carolina 29201


The Honorable Governor Henry McMaster,

Please sign bill S-936. Property Owners are being abused by trespassing dog hunters who lease as little as 10 acres and then allow hunting dogs to trespass on adjoining property. As the dogs travel farther from the leased land, the hunters follow behind, thus the dogs are the pretext for trespassing.

Photo by Kathy Anderson

The dog hunters often use the excuse “Dogs can’t read signs,” but neither do they. This results in a taking of land for personal use by the hunters in their pursuit of wildlife. Not only does this reckless activity threaten the lives and property of neighbors of leased land by shooting high powered weapons in pursuit of prey, but the hunting dogs are often killed on highways, sometimes causing major accidents, kill animals belonging to property owners and the property owners fear for their lives.

My pet rooster was recently killed by a dog. The rooster had deep sentimental value to me as he was a precious gift from my aunt who is dying.

Photo by Kathy Anderson

These renegade hunters often abuse the property of women and minorities because they know they can get away with it by using threats against the disenfranchised women, African Americans and others who don’t have the money for legal action. They live in fear of being threatened or killed by hunters who trespass on their land.

Please help property owners in SC live in peace. Please help all people: black, white, men and women live without fear of getting shot to death or having their animals killed by trespassing hunting dogs. Require dog hunters to have at least 1000 acres and be able to release from the center only. Increase the penalties for hunters if their dogs are found on property that is not theirs, on the roads, or involved in car accidents or destructive to pets or wildlife outside of their leased area.

Governor McMaster, we need your help! Other areas of SC have banned dog hunting or require 1000 contiguous acres before releasing dogs. We ask that you allow us to live without fear of being killed, injured, or having property destroyed by trespassing hunters or their dogs. Please sign bill S-936 into law as soon as possible.

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