March 1, 2018

A hunting accident Sunday left one man dead in El Dorado.

On Sunday, El Dorado police responded to an area by Forest Lane and Mount Holly Road regarding an accidental shooting involving three people. Officers were escorted down a trail in the wooded area to find Thomas Browning, 48, lying on the ground.

Emergency medical services were called and Browning was pronounced dead at the scene.

Browning and two other people, including his son, were reportedly hog hunting in the area. All evidence shows it to be an accident. The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission was notified because it was a hunting accident, said Police Chief Billy White.

“It’s not against the law to hunt in city limits, though we do discourage it,” White said.

According to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission 2017-2018 Hunting Guidebook, “it is not legal to point, aim or shoot a firearm or archery equipment across, from or within 100 ft. of the centerline of any city, county, state or federally maintained road.”

Also according to the guidebook, feral hogs are not considered wildlife or a game species, but rather a public nuisance.

On private land, feral hogs may be killed or trapped year-round with any method, by a landowner or anyone with the landowner’s permission. On public land, feral hogs may be killed by hunters who are hunting bear, deer or elk during a firearm season with weapons legal for those seasons.

“It is unlawful for persons to fail to immediately report a hunting or trapping related incident involving personal injury above basic first-aid treatment to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission so an investigation may be conducted,” the guidebook states.


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