November 8, 2013


MOBILE, Alabama –

Guys hunting illegally: it’s a problem seen all across Mobile County right now.

“It wasn’t even hunting season, it wasn’t his property and he had legal right to be there,” says Chad Robbins with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office.

26-year-old Kenneth Tingle was arrested and charged with trespassing and hunting without a license. “He admitted to shooting and actually taking 2 bucks from the property and actually dragging them almost 3/4 of a mile into a wooded area,” said Robbins.

Donnie Brown owns property in West Mobile and has noticed a problem in recent months. “People are poaching deer in the night and in the day time,” said Brown. He says on Thursday someone shot and killed a deer on his property. “It was shot in the throat and the deer is still laying there,” said Brown. The illegal activity is being seen near homes and major highways, too.


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