September 22, 2013


A boat drifting aimlessly in the Behm Canal roughly 40 miles Northeast of Ketchikan in Southeast Alaska sparked a rescue search for two hunters on Sunday.

The two men had been on a hunting trip for a few days and had successfully landed a bear when the disaster began. The still-missing hunter, identified as 25-year-old Garrett Hagan from the town of Craig, took the fresh game on a seven-foot skiff down the Chickamin River to deliver to a larger boat, the 44-foot vessel Abundance, that was moored in the Behm Canal. He never came back.

The other hunter, Adrian Knopps, 51, from Michigan, remained behind, stranded at the hunting cabin without any way to call for help. Seven days passed.

A helicopter crew found Knopps wandering in the woods, in a state of severe hypothermia. Hagan remains missing. His situation is dire, Erickson said.


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